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Juristpoint Law Firm's legal team can help. Tourist visas, I-130s, spousal sponsorship / family based immigration, employment status, etc.

If you have been denied entry to the United States of America in the past, we can help you re-apply.


US Immigration Lawyers for all your legal needs.

Juristpoint Law Firm's legal team provides individuals, businesses and employers with competent and efficient immigration advice, strategies and analysis. 

We represent businesses, families and individuals from all over the world who are undergoing the immigration process for America and represent immigration

clients in all 50 states. No matter where you are, we can help you with your legal immigration to the US. Our legal team responds quickly and we 

keep you informed every step of the way, taking pride in our attention to detail and compassionate approach. Obtain affordable legal service without compromising quality.

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If you have been denied entry or denied a visa, we can help you re-apply. If you have an expired green card we can help you renew it. We also assist with applications for re-entry if you have been outside of the USA for more than a year on your green-card and it expired while you were abroad. We can also represent you in immigration court.
Fiance visas, marriage petitions, adoptions, business visas, investor visas, work and talent visas.
If your sponsoring U.S. citizen spouse is currently incarcerated, or if you are currently separated, in a long-distance relationship, divorced or a victim of spousal abuse, we can help. We have also successfully assisted individuals and businesses with obtaining investor and business visas and status.

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Maira Galvan is the legal secretary and Spanish translator at Juristpoint, LLC in our Ohio office.



Marie is an experienced business and immigration lawyer and is the managing attorney at Juristpoint, LLC. She was selected as a Client Champion in Illinois.


Lynn is an experienced criminal and immigration attorney who speaks Hindi/Urdu and can understand some Punjabi. She was selected as a Rising Star Superlawyer in Illinois.

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