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Marie was incredibly helpful and provided high quality service for my I-130 immigration petition to sponsor my wife from Thailand. She was clear and concise with her directions, and paid close attention any potential issues to be fixed in important document details. I consider myself lucky that she was in my corner for and am grateful for her service. -AF

Marie was very helpful, after hearing my situation she offered a few options then did some research to strengthen our approach to the matter. She kept me informed through out and I'm very pleased the way things turned out. I would not hesitate to hire Marie again in the future for litigation related needs.

I loaned my 'friend' some money, and months went by without seeing a dime back from him. Flake. He promised to pay me back and I had texts and emails to prove it. He didn't pay me back. Contacted these guys and I had some of my money back in less than 3 weeks, with an installment plan in place. Couldn't be happier.

I have been fortunate to find a lawyer who was compassionate and helped me through my immigration process. While I was overwhelmed at first, working with Marie made it less stressful as she helped me through each stage of the process. I would highly recommend her, and I continue to rely on her support for my business legal needs.

When you're not in the legal industry, there's a lot that you don't understand.

Marie was absolutely amazing in answering all of our questions and providing valuable insight when we were at a total loss on how to handle a business arrangement that had been verbal from the beginning. Marie helped us create an agreement that ensured all parties felt secured.

I look forward to working with her again to fine-tune all of my client contracts and waivers!

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